About Us


I'm Tony Nabors (he/him)

I am the Owner and Principal Consultant of Racial Equity Insights. In my former position, I was also the first person to ever hold the title of “Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” in the United States for a public housing authority. With over 20 years of experience working in diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), justice, and advocacy work, I am passionate about moving people and organizations from hesitation and trepidation to confidence and effectiveness in their commitments to advancing racial equity.

My skills include anti-racism training, consulting, strategy development, public speaking, team leadership, group facilitation and program management. I am a strong communicator and I am very intentional in communicating these challenging subjects in a way where everyone, from beginners to veterans in anti-racism education, will remain engaged and eager to participate. I also love audio/visual media and I incorporate video and photography to amplify the effectiveness and reach of my anti-racism work.

In the last year, I have provided services for healthcare providers and insurers, housing nonprofits, colleges, music and arts organizations, international fundraising/outreach nonprofits, mental health support organizations, and technology firms, to name a few clients. I am passionate about advocating for a world where all people have equal access to thriving and success. My work champions and centers the voices and needs of the disenfranchised.


I'm Jeanne Teodoro (she/her)

I am the Executive Assistant at Racial Equity Insights.

I am deeply passionate about equity and inclusion, and I have had the privilege of working with various DEI organizations. As a proud Pacific Islander, I embrace my cultural heritage. My educational journey led me to the bustling city of London, UK, where I gained invaluable knowledge and skills in fostering diversity.

Currently, I am residing in the beautiful Philippines, where I have become an integral part of the local DEI community, making a positive impact through my dedication and expertise. Beyond my professional endeavors, I find immense joy in creative work, allowing my imagination to soar and bring forth innovative ideas. With my unwavering commitment to promoting inclusivity and my love for artistic pursuits, I strive to be a multifaceted individual who makes a meaningful difference in the world.

Why We Do It


It brings us great joy and satisfaction to see people living in the fullness of their gifts and able to pursue their purpose without obstacles. Racism does such incredible harm to individuals and to society at large (physical, psychological, emotional, and even financial). It severely blocks Black, Indigenous, and other people of color especially from being their best, happiest, freest selves while simultaneously dehumanizing all people.

We work for a world where we finally have achieved racial equity, meaning that racial identity can no longer be used to determine how groups of people fare in society. Currently, in nearly every category that can be used to measure human thriving, there is a very clear and predictable racial stratification. This is neither just, nor is it necessary. We are fully committed to advocating for a better future. We hope you feel the same!


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